TCS Retail Decision Maker Campaign


The core TCS audience of senior retail decision-makers is typically time poor and difficult to reach without personal introductions. We were set the challenge of engaging with one in five of these targets to announce TCS as a strategic player and book meetings with a senior TCS director, with quantifiable outcomes.


To reach this audience we not only needed to grab their attention but also develop personalised content that spoke their language. By doing so, we could demonstrate how TCS had made a significant effort to understand the key business issues and had already thought of ways of addressing them.

This meant crossing the divide between what was considered important to TCS and what was important to these decision-makers – not as a group but individually. Our researchers set to work to uncover that key piece of information that could connect TCS to the retailers’ day-to-day experiences. From financial statements to press releases and executive interviews, we identified a key issue that we could use to create a personalised piece of communications that would generate real interest.


Direct feedback demonstrated that the customised content had had a significant impact on the audiences. Thanks to our research we were able to exceed our original target number of contacts by 90%. Seventy-seven per cent of these engaged with the content.

In the time that we ran this campaign, we were able to help TCS raise its brand presence among target retailers by 86%. Although pipeline has not been disclosed due to the complex, often multi-phased nature of the deals, TCS confirmed we had met the brief to initiate early engagement with the prospect of a sale.

  • Target: engage with 20% of retailers
  • Actual: 190% of targets reached
  • 77% engaged with content directly
  • TCS brand profile up by 86% among targets

What the client said

This campaign worked because we treated the audience as a diverse group of individuals, each attempting to overcome a very distinct range of operational challenges. People still engage with appropriate content, and the bespoke reports contained some really clever positioning.

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