Fujitsu Primequest


Having established a successful ongoing relationship, Fujitsu came to Quantum with the need to advertise and raise awareness of two upcoming webinars. Quantum was asked to increase attendance by reaching out to specific individuals that Fujitsu would consider being key targets for its PRIMEQUEST server portfolio.


Instead of a traditional campaign, we created a series of targeted emails that led contacts to a dedicated PRIMEQUEST microsite. This gave us more scope to promote the two webinars using a range of additional information about PRIMEQUEST servers. Visitors were encouraged to browse the information and then to register via an automated system linked to the site.  We then generated additional awareness through targeted telemarketing, which ran concurrently with the email campaign.


The webinar was a huge success, and the follow-up activity only supported this. We sent just under 700 emails, to both registrants and participants. One email was to confirm the recipient was happy to receive a call and have a conversation, while the other was to opt-in for a free executive diary via a form. The confirmation email received an open rate of 49.58%, and a click through rate of 33.05%. The free gift email enjoyed a 60.47% open rate, with a 56.98% open rate. The emails helped support the lead nurture process for follow-up calling.

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