C-Level IT Personnel in 38 UK organisations, and 11 IT organisations


As the target account list was relatively small, the approach devised by Quantum was to create a personalised approach to each account. Within the budgetary scope of the campaign Quantum designed a simple direct mail pack that was both visually intriguing and also personalised to the recipient.

The supporting letter contained personalised research into the target organisation, and the typical pain points associated with the job role and industry. The supporting ‘trifold wrapper’ contained the statistics, information, and detail on what Colt could offer that folded around the letter. These packs were then translated into multiple European languages and sent to target contacts and followed up by Quantum’s multi-lingual telemarketing team.


The results for the campaign were simply breathtaking.  In the UK, leads were generated for 17 of the 38 target organisations, an astounding conversion rate of 45%!  Four of the leads alone were generated from inbound enquiries before the follow-up calling even began!  In the Italian phase of activity, a further 3 leads were generated, only adding to the great success of the multi-lingual campaign.

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