Two Months On: The Impact of Winning a B2B Marketing Award

Posted by JamieKelly on a Tuesday in January, 2013

On 22nd November 2012 Quantum Marketing were awarded the Best Lead Generation Campaign Award at the B2B Marketing Awards. We caught up with Jindy Dale, Quantum’s managing director and founder, to hear his reflections on what it felt like to win and the impact for Quantum.

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This was Quantum Marketing’s first major industry award, what did this award win mean for the company?

Everyone in Quantum is extremely proud to have won this award. It’s a testament to the hard work that was put into a particularly challenging campaign, with very strict timelines, and a high level of scrutiny from our customer’s senior management. Looking back now, I’m really proud of the fact that we were able to demonstrate our skills, even when working under immense pressure.

You founded Quantum 15 years ago, what did this win mean for you personally?

The award is not really about me, it is about the culture we try to create within the company. It’s all about being able to produce great results with the skills that we have. We always try to recruit people who are very committed to what they do, and for me it was very rewarding to see that the team stepped up when it was required. And it wasn’t just the energy and enthusiasm they showed, it was the fact that they were able to work as a team and use their skills to demonstrate just how good they are. The whole company pulled together and there were people putting in 14/15 hours a day, but the bottom line was that we wanted to prove how well we can deliver. So, from my own personal perspective I was really very proud of the fact that we’ve built a team who can deliver results under pressure and operate at the top of their game. It’s ok to produce good work in every day business, but to be able to do it under such a high level of scrutiny, made me feel very proud.  For me, it showed that all the work we put in over the last 15 years creating that results-driven culture has paid off.

This Award seems to mark a turning point for Quantum; would you agree with that?

Yes, I think it is a real milestone in that we’ve just been recognised by our own industry peers, and that is a huge accolade. We competed with some of the largest agencies in the world, and the judging panel was made up of marketing experts who will have seen thousands of campaigns. We’ve demonstrated we can produce the best piece of work, and although we’ve been doing work like this consistently over the last few years, it’s fantastic to have it recognised nationally. So the fact that we won is a catalyst because having received this external recognition, the confidence and belief of all our people goes through the roof.  And this just shows that what we’re doing is now just the beginnings of the future growth of the organisation.

So what’s next for Quantum – what does that growth look like?

We’re ideally placed as a business and we have a fantastic foundation for growth. Despite a worldwide recession this company is completely debt free; we don’t owe anyone anything. Our existing customers are immensely valuable to us and we devote all our energy to making sure we generate the best return for them.

But growth doesn’t come from doing more of the same.

We are constantly innovating and enhancing our offerings. For example, we’ve added a lot of sophistication to our data solutions, around the way data is obtained, qualified, and used to extract actionable customer intelligence. Enabling people to communicate with the right audience, and attaining deep insight from their campaigns is paramount, and we devote a large part of our business to getting this right. In addition, we developed the industry-leading Lead Handover Service, a professional lead management model which gives our customers the comfort of knowing there will be a secure handover to their sales teams, with close tracking of the sales follow-up. This innovation has really paid off and was certainly a huge factor in winning this award.

But above all, our goal is to deliver maximum value in everything we do.  We listen to our customers and are fast and agile in our response.

Customers tell us they need a marketing partner who can offer a broad portfolio of services and fully integrated solutions.  Therefore, over the past two years we’ve invested substantially in expanding our business to offer a full spectrum of marketing solutions. We’ve recruited marketing specialists at the top of their game to develop our teams and enhance our offering, and we are now complementing our existing data and lead generation services with integrated elements such as channel programmes, digital campaigns, content development and communications management.

As a consequence of this evolution, we’re expanding our global reach beyond our present operations in the UK, India and Ireland, by establishing new offices in the States, Russia and in other parts of Europe. It’s definitely an exciting time at Quantum!

The most important thing is, however, that ultimately this innovation and global growth will give our clients a fantastic benefit with the added capabilities and economies of return that we are able to deliver.

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