Student Placements Can Benefit Your Future

Posted by JamieKelly on a Tuesday in January, 2013

Saira Khatoon is one of our students here on a placement year. Quantum has an active student placement scheme and Saira gives an interesting view of the type of activities students can get involved in.

Saira Khatoon

Hi, my name is Saira and I’m a student from Lancaster University. I’m studying for a BA in Management and Organisations (Industry).

My degree scheme didn’t require me to take a year out, it’s something that I opted for as I wanted to explore the world of business full time, so that’s what brought me here to Quantum Marketing Group.

What stood out for me about Quantum was the flexible option of growing in different departments, as well as someone recommending to me that working for a smaller organisation would provide me with greater opportunities to explore different avenues.

On a day to day basis I work as a Telemarketing Consultant. My role involves calling high level IT or business decision makers on behalf of our clients to establish or initiate well-grounded relationships, and identify sales opportunities. So far I have spent my time working with a high technology telecommunications company called Level (3) Communications. Through being a key player in this campaign I have gained great insight into the sales environment.

My technological knowledge has really developed, and my understanding of most areas of IT infrastructure is much greater compared to what I knew before. Throughout the entire developmental stages of the campaign I was given on-going training and support by several colleagues, from client delivery managers to sales executives who were always happy to help out through one to one coaching and also sharing sales pitching strategies with me.

Apart from my daily tasks, I work closely with both training managers and the marketing team in projects outside my area. For example, I volunteered as student liaison, a role which has allowed me to initiate a skills-based workshop scheme where placement students will learn real business skills needed for the future such as presentation skills, negotiation skills, sales reporting and many more. As well as this, I work closely alongside the training team in trying to create new and exciting ways to develop both the recruitment and induction processes for our future interns. Recently I’ve also been working on internal initiatives with the marketing team, such as a Valentine’s Day team promotion.

I would definitely recommend a placement year here to anyone looking to learn how a small business works and for exposure to the high tech industry. You also discover that you need to develop a pro-active approach to enhance your experience – which is a valuable lesson in business. One thing I love about a placement at Quantum is its open door policy, you can walk up to anyone within the organisation for help and they will go out of their way to assist you.

So far, I have been here five months and I have learnt a lot about myself; I now know my own management style as well as my future goals and how to get there. I believe a year out is definitely worth a shot for everyone.

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