How we go about generating wow…

At Quantum we don’t just see our role as delivering sales-ready leads and, through them, the all-important ROI calculation. We also see the importance of helping you answer a range of key questions:

Who are your customers? What are the biggest obstacles to their success? How do you nurture relationships to ensure they choose you rather than your competitors?

The way we go about providing these answers is through our AIM methodology:

ACQUIRE the right audience 

We start by analysing data, researching the right watering holes, creating compelling content and focusing on the most relevant channels that pull target customers to your proposition to start their customer journey. Typically these channels include Social, SEM and Advertising.

INTERACT and build relationshipscone-looking-at-it-from-above_v3

Every day we talk with the movers and shakers in technology –across the globe, and across every channel – to maintain the human engagement that’s essential to building trust in your brand. We combine this dialogue with relevant and personalised content to enhance the engagement and expedite the demand generation process.

MONETISE all opportunities 

Once customers are ready to engage directly with your brand, we nurture this interest by converting prospects into real revenue opportunities for the sales team. The way we do this is to manage the entire process for ensuring that each lead generated gets handed across to the right team or partner. At Quantum we’re big on managing and accelerating the lead process, and then closing the loop to ensure that no opportunity gets left behind.




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