Raising the Bar on High Performance

Posted by JamieKelly on a Wednesday in February, 2013

Manual Jesus De La Torre, one of our telemarketing consultants, is one of the people in Quantum Marketing Group who generate amazing results for our clients on a daily basis. He was the winner of the 2012 Highest Performer Award at our Quantum Awards in December 2012.


Despite having only been with the company nine months, Manual has managed to greatly exceed his targets, helping to really drive the success of all campaigns that he has had the opportunity to work on. Manual’s sterling efforts were recognized and won him the “Highest Performer” award for his consistent contribution to an award winning campaign for Oracle earlier in 2012.

During this campaign, Manual frequently made 150-200 phone calls a day, identifying and qualifying a large volume of the highest quality opportunities. This is way over the target for a telemarketing consultant and incredibly impressive.

Manual speaks fondly of the campaign, naming it as his favourite assignment in his time so far at Quantum. Although not the easiest project he has been required to undertake, he stated that it was a fulfilling experience. Due to the speed at which the campaign had to be executed, Manual and the other agents involved went on a fast learning curve while they received in-depth training on the specific solutions to be promoted in the campaign. Manual became extremely proficient in this area and reaped the rewards of his effort.

A humble, yet extremely talented character, Manual spoke of his surprise upon receiving the award. When asked which personal traits allowed him to achieve this level of success, he emphasised his high levels of self-motivation and positive attitude toward hard work. Manual also mentioned that he feels that his adaptability, love of communication and persistence in the face of adversity help to set him apart.

Given his enthusiasm for communication, it is unsurprising to find that Manual finds outbound campaigns to be the most enjoyable part of his career at Quantum Marketing Group. Manual loves to talk in Spanish, his native language, and is particularly partial to communicating with people in the Latin American region. “The generally friendly demeanour of the prospective clients and the opportunity to speak in my mother-tongue makes campaigns targeting this region a real pleasure”, he said.

Manual thoroughly deserved this award, showing incredibly high levels of commitment and service to the LAD region, and consistently overachieving on his targets. I can always rely on him and any customer can be confident of great results when he is on their team,” said Adrian Bridgeman, Quantum’s Call Centre Manager.

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