Our Approach

How we go about generating the wow factor

At Quantum, we don’t boast any secret methodologies or complex formulas for developing successful campaigns. Instead we rely on cold hard logic, common sense, experience and an in-depth understanding of the market.

Ultimately, it comes down to asking the right questions:

Big picture questions – focused on understanding the objectives being set by marketing and sales, the budget, expected results and what supporting assets exist or need to be created

Audience questions – where we’ll dive down into the target market to identify the size and shape of the organisations to be engaged, the right people to contact, and the condition of your data

Messaging questions – put simply, we’ll want to know why someone should care about your solution: what issues does it solve, what proof points exist, and what’s the competition etc.

Execution questions – we can work with you to define the contact strategy, including the call to action/next steps, and assessing the most suitable channel to engage the audience

Management questions – finally, we’ll agree the best way to pass on opportunities, and to ensure effective lead handover, follow-up, measurement, reporting and ROI analysis

The important point in all of this is that Quantum offers the full range of services you’d expect from an integrated agency – from our data and creative teams to a multi-language telemarketing function – and only by getting the right answers can we tailor our offering to meet your precise expectations.

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