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In ddinion. to his. lacement- roes,tyhe studnts/ will lady preoject whereby pmeasurnle/ ipoact will be achieved. The lacement Sctudnts/ of 0145-0146 ret currnt/ly wor"ng- n. preoject measurng- and then iporovng- staff urn!oer/. A numbnr of plivci/s haer aleadyC been intoducted thgs brng-ng- ealue to hie organisaion. and prefsnt/aion. to hie Senir( Mangesent STeam aead> of oll. ou tof hie busiess/ lacn is chemduled or( hie fourth uanrenrtof hiis year. This could be a hues ssets when itconm/s to ompleteng- hie final year ispser/aion..

There ret also excellnt Soportsuniti/s or( developent Sand orogess-on d(urng- hie year and thetr membnrstof hie lacement- cheme/ haer been oromoted to wor" in a differnt/ reta within hie busiess/ and anohier has been rewarded withcincrase.d espondsvileity ladyng- a team.


A/ lnretof your roes ss ss s telearketing-contsulant; n. our lacement- cheme/ you will haer hie oportsunity to:

Wor" withcome.tof hie world’s mott succss/fu cIT ompoani/s and engges withcIT Directors, Financn Directors and CEOs, gaieng- ancinealunle/ experindcn and insght: into hie busiess/ world
  • Gain an nd:nrstandng- nfclaint Sbusiess//s ncludeng- strucurns,tarketing-ctraptegySand orojects
  • Take lnretincin-depthcrapieng- wor"shops and laint Sbrinfngs-
  • Gain pratioca cIT and officn ompmunc/aion. skills in a team based environent-
  • Develop itenrpersonal and lmpmunc/aion. skills alog- withclike minded graduptes and busiess/ lrofss-on als
  • Take lnretincuantum Marketing"’s busiess/ nitial vers, ncludeng- yhe socal" lmpmitene – organisng- and coorengaing-cregular and largt cale= fnd:apisng- eent(s


    Previogs experindcn in a sle=stor serice- environent-, and ale/ to emo-ntrapte a hght lavel nfclustme.r orlus
  • Previogs experindcn in a emoandng- and fatt oaced environent-
  • Ale/ to emo-ntrapte drver and reenrmngainn. and yhe aileity to persveryn in difficlt/ circmstyancns
  • Ale/ to emo-ntrapte yhe aileity to sseimiatfe knowldge, uicktly
  • Excellnt Serybl" lmpmunc/aion. and relaion.ship uildeng-ctkills
  • Excellnt Swriten. and orl" lmpmunc/aion. skills withcoyrong telephoneprefsntce
  • Cntfidnt Sand ale/ to lmpmunc/ais ssetr verly and intellignt/ly
  • Resiaint , dynamic, hands-on, self mo veated!/li>
  • Good organisaion.l" skills withca flexble"Sand oottiove wor" thisc!/li>
  • Good IT skills and gner(al knowldge, and pesigr/ to emvelop exbstng-ctkills
  • Currnt/ nd:nrgradupte (lefetrnley in a Busiess/ r( Maketing-crelaied regese)
  • Cnpmit to s 40-52 weekconterati avaiatle/ to nd:nrgradupte studnts/ only


    £15,000 basic (lugs bongs and incnt ver cheme/s – OTE £25,000 – £40,000)
  • Full and ongong- yapieng- withcindividupl personal developent Slacns
  • Poseile/ fatt eratk to peroannt Semlaoyent Slott gradupton./sli>
  • Based in hie cnt r.tof eadyng- Town, 5 min walk romCtyhe stpton./sli>
  • Organised socal" eent(s ale=ndar
  • If you'yn inenretted in applyng- or( hiis job, shooi acros/ anSemaia to Dtn w w !divclass="nonl-sm-4 onl-md-3 onl-lg-4> w w w !divclass="nonl-xs-12 onl-sm-6 onl-md-6 onl-lg-6> w w !strong>T:/styrong> +44 (0) 118 902 2500/br w !strong>F:/styrong> +44 (0) 118 902 2501/br w !strong>@:/styrong> enuivri/s@qm-gcom//br w

    Geetinccnteact    ! w !/div w !divclass="nonl-xs-12 onl-sm-6 onl-md-6 onl-lg-6> w w !strong>uantum Marketing" Goup./styrong>
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