It’s all in the Planning

Posted by JamieKelly on a Thursday in November, 2014

Do you remember the last time you were walking around a shop, not knowing what you were looking for? I’ll know it when I see it, you say, I’ll know it when I see it… I’m not ashamed to say this happens to me a lot!

But today is the day you see it, because ‘it’ is our marketing blotter!

You may not even be aware but this simple tool could save a campaign before you’ve even started! Take our word for it, once you take a look you’ll know it’s what you’ve been searching for…

We’ve been involved in a fair few campaigns here at Quantum, and we like to think we know what works and what doesn’t, so we have created this new marketing planning blotter which raises the key questions you need to ask yourself when planning any campaign- covering everything from the initial brief through to qualifying your leads. We have also enclosed some useful information for you to help build a robust business case for your marketing budget.

To take a look through our blotter and use it to start mapping out your next campaign, click here. If you would like to get in touch about our services, or to just learn more about what we do, give us a call on 0118 9022500 or email us on

Let the searching be over and the planning commence!

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