Good Leadership Goes Far

Posted by JamieKelly on a Wednesday in January, 2013

In December we announced the winners of our Quantum Awards, recognising the great performers in our team.  In this blog you’ll be introduced to these individuals and the work they do in the coming days, starting with Anderson Fun, the winner of the 2012 Leader of the Year Award.
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Being one of the longest standing team leaders at Quantum Marketing Group, Anderson has worked on a plethora of campaigns in his 3.5 years at the company. Coming from a background in Finance and Sales, Anderson didn’t always consider himself to be a natural manager. However, individuals at Quantum saw his potential and appointed him as team leader after witnessing his capabilities first hand.

Since becoming a team leader Anderson has been widely recognised for his motivational and approachable style. He gets the best out of his team by inspiring them to perform to the best of their ability, and by providing excellent support and guidance on a group and individual basis. As a result of this, his team is often acknowledged as the happiest in Quantum!

Although Anderson feels that he is a competent manager, he was still pleasantly surprised to find that he had been awarded this title. When probed about what he feels makes an award winning Team Leader, Anderson placed huge importance on clarity of instruction, stating: “If the team knows what is expected of them, they will stay motivated and even start to manage themselves.” In addition to this, Anderson believes that his ability to identify talent and make decisions, combined with his meticulous focus on quality and ability to “set the pace” have allowed him to lead his team to a string of successful campaigns.

Like all successful managers and leaders, Anderson gets tremendous fulfilment out of his role; watching his team stay motivated, work towards a common goal and, ultimately, succeed against adversity is what he enjoys most about his position as Team Leader.

Adrian Bridgeman, Quantum’s Call Centre Manager endorsed Anderson’s award win, saying “This award is very well deserved. Anderson shows great leadership qualities by inspiring and motivating his team to achieve high performance. He transformed a campaign that was struggling at the beginning of the year and made it into the most consistent and successful campaign in 2012.”

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