Developing an Insight-Driven Integrated Marketing Engine

Posted by JamieKelly on a Friday in May, 2013

jasonmartinblogimageFor the last year Quantum Marketing has been actively driving a strategic transformation of its successful demand generation business to become an organisation that delivers a highly differentiated and effective integrated marketing service. Jason Martin, Quantum’s head of marketing, joined the company to lead this evolution and here he takes time out to explain the thinking behind it.

Jason, you joined Quantum one year ago, can you explain why you made the move to Quantum?
I was offered the chance to lead Quantum’s transformation into an integrated marketing organisation which could offer a more complete service for our clients. This would involve growing the marketing team significantly and driving a considerable change in the way Quantum delivers marketing services, not only on a regional basis but also on a global basis. I was already aware of Quantum for its strength in telemarketing from years of working with agencies in B2B marketing, and Quantum was always tough competition, so I knew this was a fantastic opportunity.

Why is this the right time for Quantum to offer a fully integrated marketing service?
Integrated marketing is all about the customers, and the people you want to engage with.  Through its telemarketing capability, Quantum has thousands of conversations with clients’ customers and prospects every day, and it is that insight that enables us to drive a true integrated marketing proposition. Whether we offer services like email design, event management, copywriting support or website creation, you need customer insight to really market our clients’ products; and we have that insight in spades.

Quantum therefore has the perfect platform to drive perfect campaigns for our clients. It is about creating demand and targeting the right messages to the right people, which ultimately results in leads, opportunities and revenue.

What’s your personal take on integrated marketing?
Integrated marketing is a bit of a cliché with the marketing soup; every soup is different, depends what type of ingredients you put in it.  I see it as having a tool kit of multiple marketing services and skills that can be used independently or combined to ultimately achieve our objective. Whether we utilise one or many different tools, it is just about using the right tools in the right way to meet our clients’ business goals.

Quantum now offers a number of independent marketing services, such as data, demand generation, content creation, marketing as a service, and specific channel services, but ultimately we provide the best result when combining the best of all our skills with the insight we generate in an integrated solution.

What does the team in Quantum look like – what resources do you offer customers?
We are already a year and a half into our journey and we’re making a huge impact. I’ve introduced some key strategists and marketing delivery specialists from the B2B high tech arena to guide us and help us deliver great work for our clients. We have also successfully attracted people from a client background to join us, who know our client solutions and environment thoroughly and can empathise with our clients.

In addition to our permanent team, I have built a great network of trusted specialist contractors and partners – some of the best people in the industry – who complement our own delivery capability very well. This allows us to be very flexible and scalable and provide excellent additional resource to our clients whenever we need it.

What differentiates Quantum from other agencies?

We don’t think of Quantum as an agency at all. We are a professional marketing services organisation. Our focus is generating ROI and revenue for our clients. We use our insight and integrated marketing to do this and work with our clients on an insourced or outsourced basis across the globe to optimise their demand  generation and pipeline.

Show me another agency like this and we can then look at comparisons…

So what’s next?

The journey continues, and it involves recruiting more of the best people in the industry, from both client side and from agency side, and then refining all the delivery elements into a seamless operation. We are already running integrated campaigns for some of the biggest business brands in the industry and we are diversifying this across and EMEA and global basis. The development of my area of the business aligns with the total expansion of Quantum. We’ve already opened in Russia and will soon open up in the US and Asia and really take on the world.

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