December Incentive Terms and Conditions

1.  This voucher entitles the holder to 10% extra “marketing services” until the 19th December 2014.

a. “Marketing services” refers to all professional marketing services undertaken by Quantum marketing this includes:

i.       Data cleansing and building

ii.      Telemarketing

iii.     Lead Management

iv.      Copywriting

v.       Design

vi.      Project Management

vii.     Social Media

viii.    Digital development

ix.      Email marketing

x.       Consultancy

b. “Marketing services” does not include any external disbursements e.g. event venues, logistics, fulfilment etc

2.  This deal is open to all recipients in any country

3.  This voucher can only be used with a project value above £15,000

4.  To redeem the extra 10%, recipients will be required to send Purchase Order on standard terms, i.e. 30 days, before 5pm GMT on the 30th December 2014

5.  This offer does not apply to orders already registered as at 1st December 2014