A month of fireworks: lighting the blue touchpaper in November

Posted by JamieKelly on a Thursday in December, 2015


Clients want their demand generation activities to go with a bang. And we aim to deliver results that light up the sky.


November brought us Guy Fawkes Night and plenty of sparklers and rockets. It was the same at Quantum – for example we saw an old lead from the summer, burst into a colourful opportunity of $2.7 million – almost 6 times the estimated original value! It’s another example of good nurturing, and how a lead considered small at the outset can soar in value months after its original creation.  That’s why Quantum’s Lead Handover and Demand Optimization services are so crucial to the final ROI number of a campaign.  We operate as the intermediary to make sure that both parties: the client and the lead see the maximum value from every engagement.


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