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£1,000,000 Retail lead handed over     -     Over £2.3M of manufacturing pipeline last month     -     £1M of leads in the Netherlands this month    -     $600k hardware opportunity created    -    Over £1.3M for the Czech Republic last month     -    $150k Abu Dhabi lead created     -    VDI lead worth $200k    -    £1.4M pipeline in the retail sector in 8 days    -    £800k infrastructure lead in the Czech Republic     -    $500k opportunity in the Nordics    -    £500k lead accelerated to £960k    -    Another $300k lead passed over    -    Public sector confirmed £500K sale    -    £5M pipeline for the UK in a month     -    $200K opportunity in the Nordics    -     £1.1M UK lead turned into a sale    -    $120k hardware lead in Germany    -    6 huge leads from our APAC team    -    Hardware lead worth £500k    -    $2Million UK lead handed over    -    $1 million hardware lead    -    $400k networking lead passed over    -    $200k Unified Comms opportunity in the Nordics    -    Another £200k’s worth of pipeline    -    £400k lead passed over for an ERP campaign    -    HCM lead accepted for £760k    -    £1.1M lead for our client’s retail campaign    -    Client delighted with a $640k lead    -    $500k opportunity created by the team in the Nordics    -    £1.4M lead handed over in Australia    -    £3M pipeline for Sweden this month!    -    £750k worth of leads for Finland in a week    -    €200k opportunity in Belgium    -    $1M lead for one of our newest clients    -        Hitting the $1M mark with a campaign    -    £975k lead passed over to the client    -    Lead worth £2m handed over    -    Over £3M for unified comms in one month    -    £300K Network Refresh lead

We've created £1 billion of pipeline opportunities for our clients!

What we do

"We generate demand for your business using any & every channel"

“An integrated agency, we offer full end-to-end delivery capabilities”

“Our success is measured by your sales pipeline ROI”

How we do it

It’s all about the numbers

Our mission is clear: to drive measurable ROI from all campaigns

We’re all in the results business. That means the success of any activity will always be determined by the opportunities and revenue generated. The good news is that this is our strength, and we’re extremely good at working to your targets – and making the most of every lead generated.

The power of insight

Our goal is simple: to ensure your message stands out with the target audience.

We’re able to build successful marketing campaigns because we understand what works. This is knowledge that’s constantly being updated through our day-to-day conversations with decision makers and influencers – real world insights that cover all the angles.

End-to-end expertise

Our delivery has purpose: to offer a blend of marketing services aligned to your goals

We won’t sell you what you don’t need. Rather, we’ll design demand generation campaigns that keep your audience and targets front of mind – backed up by our in-house and partner capabilities that cover the complete mix of marketing services.

Who we do it with

Why go Quantum?

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We generated over £1 billion of pipeline for our clients

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We can deliver your marketing across the globe in every language

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We know your customers and how to engage with them

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We are award winning and are recognized by our industry