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A New Perspective on Global B2B Technology Demand Generation

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What we do

"We generate demand for your business using any & every channel"

"We fully integrate with your sales & marketing lifecycle"

"We are trusted advisors of the world's leading tech organisations"

How we do it

The power of insight

We’re able to build successful marketing campaigns because we understand what works. This is knowledge that’s constantly being updated through industry research, surveys into buyer behaviour, and the day-to-day conversations we have with decision makers.

Our goal is simple: to ensure your message resonates with the target audience.

A meeting of minds

Our in-house capabilities cover the complete mix of marketing services. From telemarketing, lead nurturing and advertising through to design, marketing automation and social media, we’ll create the right balance to ensure your next marketing campaign is the success it should be.

ROI Focused

When it comes down to it, most marketing campaigns are only considered a success if they generate revenue. Before we begin any campaign we work with our clients to fully understand their targets and what they REALLY need to achieve. By doing this, we can optimize the potential of every new lead and deliver maximum return on investment.

Who we do it with

Why go Quantum?

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We generated c.$420 million for our clients in the last 12 months

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We can deliver your marketing across the globe in every language

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We know your customers and how to engage with them

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We are award winning and are recognized by our industry

Think inside the box

It’s all in the Planning

by Quantum Marketing

Do you remember the last time you were walking around a shop, not knowing what you were looking for? I’ll know it when I see it, you say, I’ll know it when I see it… I’m not ashamed to say this happens to me a lot! But today is the day you see it, because…

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